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What Happens To The Photo?If you started to look at the photo as an art form, it may be that your photograph has begun to scratch your head. The fact that photography is an art form is controversial. I want to underline that I do not say anything about this. Besides, his personal opinion is that he is an artist.
What does the photo consist of? This question lies in a word in the question of the original answer. You've guessed what that glove is. Of course I am talking about the "photo" word itself. Photography is a name derived from combining the words "light", "light" and "drawing", "digging", "painting", "writing". So if you do not have your photo, it's light. A photo without light is unthinkable.

This writing will be more about light. The light emerges as the most important item in photography. Even if a photograph without light is taken, it will not make sense at all. Such a photograph is just a photograph…

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