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Black and White Boat Photo Story

There are moments when one wants to get away. This photo was actually taken for one of those moments. These feelings strengthened as the boats wanted to open up to the water at any moment. Although the ropes passing through the photo do not add anything to the photo in terms of emotion, they provide a technical sacrifice. Black-and-white boats are more mobile with the ropes licking.

Summary of Black and White Boat PhotographyIn a black and white photo, emotion is always prevalent. A lot of associative thoughts and meanings from aesthetic lines are tried to be actuated. I also tried to do this in this photo. Then there is a reason why the ropes are immediately below the nearest craft. This is something I especially do. When I first noticed this photo, I was overlaying the ropes on the boats. So the boats were behind the ropes. This technique is an undesirable situation and is called overtaking. When I realized that a nice photo frame would come out of this, I slipped a few steps to the …

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