In Situation Photo Story

I take pictures every day now. I write here almost every day. I do not do the photo to tell you the art. Photography is not even seen as an art. Taking pictures is art for me, but that's not what I'm here for. Here are the stories of the photos I took. What I mean here is the meaning of the photographs I took.

In Situation

See the photo above. What do you see? If you give the answer "in-between", then the aim is reached. How close are the grave stones and man to each other? Both as character and distance. The fact that the man is close to the gravestones as a character in this photograph should be the subject of our interest. Because this photo was exactly to tell this affinity. The guy you saw in the photo is sleeping. Is not sleep the moment we are closest to death? Sleep is a temporary death. So he's closer to dying than we are. Is it really close? Of course nobody knows that. Successful estimates can not be carried out in this regard.

In the photo, look at the place where the man is and the wooded area that separates the tombstones. I took the photo intentionally from the wooded area. I want you to have a call from the side of your death. I wanted to strengthen the meaning in this photo. In the photo, look at how the branches of the trees cover the top of the photo. It's like an umbrella like tree branches and a mystery covered in greens. A secret between death and life. It is not possible to solve this mystery. However, we can still see him looking at this photo. That's why I took this photo. There's a lot to say about this photo.

Look at the fountain right behind the man in the photo. The light is reflected in the fountain very beautifully. There is a beautiful color as well as a life story. I am glad that the fountain is there. It was this fountain that added something to the photo in its true meaning. The fountain represents life. The fountain represents life as well as the tomb represents death. The guy in the photo is your own person. There's a line separating the two places. For me this photo is so important. This photo tells the story of life. This photo is about to tell. We are against a real order. A scheme that also contains us. It is not possible to get rid of this. Every cut will taste death one day. This photo tells the words "every cut will taste death one day." I love that photo because it embodies the words "every one will taste death one day."

Where and How Was This Photo Taken?

This photo has a story. Photography contains more meaningful things. But I still want to tell the story of this photo. Although it is not a very different story, I would like to tell you that it contains a lot of information about photography technique.

The photo was taken in Kastamonu where I was born. Kastamonu is a city of Turkey. It is not a very small city. However, according to cities like Istanbul and Ankara can be considered small.

I was born in Kastamonu. I stayed there for five years. The air is cold there. Especially the winters are very cold. This photo was taken on a last summer day. It's close to the evening. The light of the photo is very beautiful. The light came from a right angle. Everything was exactly what I wanted.

The place you saw in the photo is a place called Yılanlı Mosque. This is a small place of worship. The area you see in the photo is also in front of the worship. I was passing by to get home from here. I like taking pictures when I go home. There are so many photos to look at when you get home. As I walked through here, I caught the moment you saw in the photo. I understand that the image of a non-black photograph is an image that needs to be immortalized. I only conceive the meaning in this photo within seconds. The light was reflected exactly as I wanted. Everything is perfectly suited to taking photos. I did what I had to do. Everything was done in just two minutes. I took a picture of death and life.

That's how I fit a life of a lifetime into a rectangle for two minutes.

Look at the man behind the man. The light is so beautiful that the pale colors of the fountain are alive. This vitality is the element that strengthens the side of life in photography. A fountain of light against the tombstones of death. If the light had not hit the fountain, it would not be such a good photo. This tells us that the most important thing in photography is the light. This is indeed this. If you studied good photography, they say in the first lessons that light is the most important thing for photography.

Everything in the photo is made with light. Already the meaning of the photograph is to draw with light. The photograph you have seen is exactly embodied in this. In other words, the most important element of light is not a word in the air.

Now look at the position of the man in the photo. Look at your hand posture. Look at the arm posture. The man's posture consists of rounded lines. This is another aspect of the man's stance that is aesthetically and more meaningful. Rounded lines always make the photo more likable.

What did you find yourself in this photo? Sometimes, even when a person is alive, this can take place in different areas of the photo you have seen. Make this place robbery. This place is changeable. But there are still though.

Technical Details

I will tell you the technical details in the photo. I do not remember exactly what settings I used because I took the photo a long time ago. But I can still say a few things.

I shot the photo using a wide-angle lens. Using a lens with a focal length of eighteen millimeters. I wanted to take a wide angle because I wanted you to go into each photo detail around. I remember bringing a high value to the aperture value. So I narrowed down the aperture to get a bit more clarity and depth in the photo. So I made more space for the photo. This clarity showed all fields in the photo better and vivid. This way, the photo was more meaningful.

Technical details do not really matter, dear readers. What matters is the meaning in the photo. If you are not taking photos to a stock agency, you do not need the latest model cameras, magnificent lenses. It is enough to get a good clarity when taking a photo. The sharpness in your photo should support you in meaning. Do not forget to take pictures to tell something.


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