Roses and Buds Photo Story

Roses and buds, roses and buds of a sincere and sad scene. It's a photo story. The joke is not really a sad joke. As I passed by, I saw a magnificent scene and I shot this scene with my Sigma macro lens of 105 millimeters.

Photo Stories and Facts

Taking a photo is the same thing as bringing a person's mind and heart to the same level.
He's a big photographer. If you investigate that photographer, he will stay better in your mind. I have always looked this way in the photo: as a reflection of a truth. It's really a piece and a powerful piece of meaning. And besides, remember that there are a lot of photographs. These photo legs can be left out of what I'm talking about. For example, a fictional photo can be given.

If we explain the fiction photograph briefly; Photograph is a photo of a fiction where the photo frame is specially arranged and all kinds of control can be achieved. A documentary photo can be shown as the opposite of a fictional photo. Even in very specific conditions, the photographer or the photographer does not arrange the document or the environment to take photographs.

When I took this picture, I made a film in neither fiction nor documentary style. This can be considered a photograph of nature. But I did not shoot the picture in a private nature park or under a protected spot. It's just a photo of roses and buds. This rose tree was already in a university campus. He was right next to a walking path.

I knew what they could do with the hooded lens and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. As a result, I took the exact photo I wanted. The source of this photo story was nothing more than a little walk and a photograph to determine the course. There are so many things that this picture has earned me. Some of them are photographed beautiful flowers in rainy weather. Yes, I said flower photo. Because this photograph shows neither the fiction photograph nor the nature photograph. Despite being framed by nature, the area in which he is planted is the product of a human arrangement. Also the location where the photo was taken is a settlement that people have completely made. Namely the definition of nature and the conditions under which a photograph of nature is drawn. But it is not exactly true that it is a fiction photograph. It is not even true, because there are no direct human intervention or proper shooting conditions.

So you will understand that the photograph of these beautiful roses and buds is actually an ordinary flower photograph. If you look at a beautiful landscape of nature, it's like I told you the real story.

Rose and Buds Where do I need to look at the Photo Story?

This photo was not taken in difficult conditions. If I was really in nature and I had a wonderful view, then it was worth appreciating. But contrary to what you see, it is a pretty photograph, but a flower photograph.

When you look at all these things in the picture of roses and buds, you still can find something from yourself, then you have reached the goal and you have just woken up something with the style of photography. My aim is not only to impress you a good photograph and provide you with "aaaa very nice" demenizi. I do not take any photographs for this and do not think about shooting them. Even if I take photographs taken in the field of editing photography I am moving in the way of internalizing and thinking about how to apply meaning to a photo. In other words, it is important to strengthen the internalization only according to my opinion to make the photograph beautiful and surprising in terms of aesthetics. I like to do exactly this in your photos. I think this is something that comes from the work of more people. However, there were many photographs that did not make sense in many beautiful photographs I see. Although technically perfect, they are weak in terms of meaning.

If this has caused a feeling for you in this photo, and you have given yourself something meaningful about this photo, please state it in the comment section. Thus, the aim is reached even more :)


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