What Happens To The Photo?

What Happens To The Photo?

If you started to look at the photo as an art form, it may be that your photograph has begun to scratch your head. The fact that photography is an art form is controversial. I want to underline that I do not say anything about this. Besides, his personal opinion is that he is an artist.

What does the photo consist of? This question lies in a word in the question of the original answer. You've guessed what that glove is. Of course I am talking about the "photo" word itself. Photography is a name derived from combining the words "light", "light" and "drawing", "digging", "painting", "writing". So if you do not have your photo, it's light. A photo without light is unthinkable.

This writing will be more about light. The light emerges as the most important item in photography. Even if a photograph without light is taken, it will not make sense at all. Such a photograph is just a photograph of the darkness. It has no dramatic effect or meaning. If you've been careful, I've used dramatic influence and meaning. There's a reason for that. It is enough to press the shutter button to take a picture or to open the cameras of our smartphones and press the small red button. If you do this, you will still be taking pictures. However, this photo will not go beyond the digital reflection of real existence. This is precisely why the dramatic impact and meaning of the photo are among the elements that make the photograph. The reason for this is the added value of the shot. You can easily add value with a photo frame. The effect of light on the subject is evaluated in this frame and gains meaning from many aspects and becomes a contribution to the art of photography. It is quite possible for anyone living in the sun to add meaning to the photo if we think that our sun shining in our day is a powerful light source.

Photo Correspondents and Light

Photo reporters follow contrary principles to the fictional photo that the nature of the work they are doing. It is to transfer it as if it is the basis of the case. The light sources they use are the sun and strong flash lights when necessary. Photojournalists who try to reflect Konuyu in the most natural and simple way mostly work in natural light. So it uses the sun. Most photo journalists do not take any computer action, except for mistakes caused by technical difficulties in their photographs. So they do not even adjust the brightness and contrast. It is an effort to show everything as it is in these photographs.

Are the photojournalists in the photo artists? As a controversial subject, photojournalists are not photographers. No photojournalist came out and said "I'm a photographer." You can be sure of that. Ara Güler, who was raised by our country and considered as one of the best photographers in the world, said "I am a photo journalist, not an artist" quite clearly. There is no doubt that this is peculiar to the photojournalists. In this writing, I do not think it is enough to investigate these reasons and present it to you, so it is enough that only a photo journalist can know the thoughts of this subject.

Photo reporters are people who know best how to use light, even though they are not photographers. In this face, it is not often encountered with a good photojournalist. The use of light and light, which is the most basic element in photography, is best used by photojournalists, so that even in the art of photography, photojournalists are at the forefront in taking aesthetic and quality photographs. It is a fact that photojournalists have shed light on the art of photography, even if they are not artists themselves, as a result of the work they do. Even those who call themselves photographers are inspired by photojournalists. The main reason for this is undoubtedly the use of light. Composition information and some other information will still lead to the use of light is the most important. Even if the composition and the photo frame are well-tuned, designed and designed for a very specific moment, it is impossible to know how to use the light. The biggest reason for this is that the photographer does not take pictures as the eyes see. If you buy the most expensive and high quality machine, this situation is a constant scientific fact. The reason is that the nature of the light-sensitive surfaces and the light-sensitive surfaces do not work like ours. This constant fact has been the case since the invention was first invented.

That is why the most important element of photography is to know how light and light are used.


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