Black and White Boat Photo Story

There are moments when one wants to get away. This photo was actually taken for one of those moments. These feelings strengthened as the boats wanted to open up to the water at any moment. Although the ropes passing through the photo do not add anything to the photo in terms of emotion, they provide a technical sacrifice. Black-and-white boats are more mobile with the ropes licking.

Summary of Black and White Boat Photography

In a black and white photo, emotion is always prevalent. A lot of associative thoughts and meanings from aesthetic lines are tried to be actuated. I also tried to do this in this photo. Then there is a reason why the ropes are immediately below the nearest craft. This is something I especially do. When I first noticed this photo, I was overlaying the ropes on the boats. So the boats were behind the ropes. This technique is an undesirable situation and is called overtaking. When I realized that a nice photo frame would come out of this, I slipped a few steps to the right and put the ropes and the boats in the correct positions relative to each other.

In the far corner of the photo, the sunlight entering the kadraja made the child's picture even more beautiful. Because in photography people have always been important. First of all, the person looking at the photo can find some things himself, which makes the photo more beautiful and interesting. A good photo is a blend of these features. For me, a photograph never exists as the perfect creation of the technical features or as a reflection of a wonderful sensation. It must be the whole of these two.

Earlier that's a good photo, both technically and in terms of how to integrate semantic One of my previous articles I walked spelling Photo Story is a lot of ideas on this subject. If you want to look at the photo from my perspective, I suggest you read it.

Interpret Black and White Tekel Photo from Technical

First of all, the photo is all clear. In order to be clear on the back of the photo, the diaphragm is slimmed (ie, the aperture value is raised), so that the supportive elements are included in the image. A blend of technical and semantic just mentioned above.

The appearance of the mountains has attracted a lot of attention and has increased its reachability. But there were ropes that looked at the actual photo. The passage of the ropes from the diagonal led to a very strong photograph from the technical point of view.

How could the photo be more beautiful? you will ask. A low ISO value is used in the photo. If a high ISO value was used, small points would appear in the photo called noise. Especially the noise that seems to be an unwanted and very big technical glitch in studio photographs strengthens the dramatic effect on photographs taken in documentary style. I also can not tell if this photo would have had noise. Because this emotion in the photo would be very strong.

Yes, that's it for now. I hope you like black-and-white models and you have attracted your interest. If you share my writing and you like it, you are very happy. Bye now. Yours ...


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